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Leslie Kelly - Two to tangle


Two to tangle She'd Heard of Brotherly LoveWindow dresser Chloe Weston doesn't believe in lust at first sight-until she catches her boss, Troy Langtree, reveling half-naked in a rainstorm. So owhen she finds herself alone, on a secluded beach, with the object of her nightly fantasies, she decides to go for it. And wakes up to discover she'd had the best sex of her life-with Troy's twin brother .But This Was Ridiculous!Trent Longtree has a fledgling business, a nosy family and a bad case of the hots for sassy Chloe Weston. The gorgeous brunette is smart, spirited and sexy as hell. She's everything he's ever wanted in a woman except she thinks he's his brother, Troy. But Trent has plans to convince Chloe that he's her man. After all, in the battle between the sheets, this brother always comes out on top
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  • Titolo del Ebooks: Two to tangle
  • ISBN: 9781426847202
  • Autori:
  • Editore: Harlequin temptation
  • Lingua : IT
  • Data di rilascio: 01.10.2009
  • Formato : EPUB
  • Size File: 5.10Mb
  • Quality: Scanned 900 DPI
  • OS: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Illustration: Yes
  • Valutazione del Ebooks: 3.1 su 5 (210 voti)

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Two to tangle


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