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The saga of the volsungs One of the most legendary of the Icelandic sagas, "The Saga of the Volsungs" is the 13th century work of unknown authorship which relates the origin and decline of the Volsung clan. The story unfolds over five parts as it passes in time through the various generations of the clan. In the first part, the preliminary generations are described, beginning with Sigi, a man banished from his homeland who through his adventuring arises to create a great kingdom. When the brothers of Sigi’s wife become jealous of his power they plot to overthrow him and a violent cycle of revenge ensues. In the second part of the story the fantastical tale of Sigurd and his conflict with the dragon Fafnir is told. In the remaining parts of the saga conflict between the relations of Sigurd are related in a tragic story which describes the downfall of a legendary clan. A combination of both myth and real human drama, "The Saga of the Volsungs" is a classic tale which continues to influence the fantasy genre to this day. This edition follows the translation of Eirikr Magnusson and William Morris and includes an introduction by H. Halliday Sparling.
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