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Natalia Levis-fox - Out of alcohol!


Out of alcohol! Like any other person in the world, you cannot live without physical pleasure. You wondered many times, why you get only some of it with alcohol, right You immediately feel easy, good-looking, free and courageous. Then, this drive disappears. Gone! Then you have it back again with wine, beer, vodka, etc. Because you choose the best drink to get into fine states, fast. Moreover, you do it regularly, with the same company, same talks, because they accept you the way you are.Alcohol reinforces your sensations in erotic lovemaking: you loose control, self-criticism, and fears to be rejected or being underappreciated. You feel your best with alcohol! You do crazy things. That is why you are scared to loose this only source of your freedom…There is nothing wrong with alcohol. People drink for centuries to experience their best states, drive and courage. Alcohol unites people. The question is what kind of companies do you gather around you Put the photos of all your drinking friends on the table. Watch them and find out what unites you all.What common features do you have with your drinking friends Are they real friends or just co-drinkers, hiding lonenessThen ask yourself other questions:“What have I not tried yet in my life”“Was I born for anything greater than that”“Where is my own power”“Where is my natural drive”“Where are my genuine passion and affection”Finally, ask the last and most powerful question “Is Alcohol Stronger Than Me”If you are stronger than alcohol, then you forget about this book. This is how strong people part with alcohol forever. They just need the right hint at the right time: “Is Alcohol Stronger Than Me” And they stop! They find extraordinary challenges, set seemingly impossible goals and gain fantastic results… Because they learn how to do it. This book is about how to rocket out of alcohol addiction.
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