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Christopher Maloney - Zika virus when you're expecting


Zika virus when you're expecting Are you terrified of Zika Did you know that other diseases affect if your child has a birth defect from ZikaIn this short, simple book, Dr. Maloney goes through the history of Zika. Despite media reports, mosquitoes have never been the primary spreaders of the disease. Maloney explains that Zika is far more common than we realized. Then he clarifies why some pregnant mothers are at far higher risk than others.The media reports of Zika have been skewed by incomplete information and most Ob/Gyn doctors rely on the inaccurate international reports. Far more children are being unnecessarily aborted out of fear of the virus than would suffer birth defects from Zika.Don't be afraid, be informed.
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  • Titolo del Ebooks: Zika virus when you're expecting
  • ISBN: 9781370867684
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Zika virus when you're expecting


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