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James Patterson - Daniel x: the manga, vol. 1


Daniel x: the manga, vol. 1 When his parents are murdered by an intergalactic criminal, Daniel X vows to take on his father's role as Earth's sole Alien Hunter. Life isn't easy, though, when you're a young boy on your own, tracking down the galaxy's deadliest outlaws. Luckily, Daniel has a gift: the ability to create anything he can imagine - including his parents, his sister, and his best friends, who are there to help him along the way. But when Daniel decides to go up against the sixth-deadliest criminal on his hit list, he may find that even his awesome abilities just aren't up to the task!
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Dettagli del Ebooks

  • Titolo del Ebooks: Daniel x: the manga, vol. 1
  • ISBN: 9780316213349
  • Autori:
  • Editore: Yen press
  • Lingua : IT
  • Data di rilascio: 31.10.2011
  • Formato : EPUB
  • Size File: 7.70Mb
  • Quality: Scanned 900 DPI
  • OS: Android, iOS, Windows
  • Illustration: Yes
  • Valutazione del Ebooks: 4.0 su 5 (70 voti)

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Daniel x: the manga, vol. 1


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